A Obesity Lady Lose Weight with Cream & Become Model

Published on  OCTOBER 28th, 2020 | Written by LENA AILEEN, senior editor

"I thought I will obese for a lifetime until  I  found it"

Katherine Bennett is a lady, who lost 240 ibs in a year. She become a famous Fashion Model after lose weight.  

When she was21 years old, at the pinnacle of her career, she decided to quit her dream job because she found her true love.

Only 1 year of marriage life, she change from a supermodel to an ordinary housewife. She don`t have the time to take care of her body shape and weight. Day by day, her weight was creeping up and body size became bigger and bigger.   

At only 23, Katherine’s weight increase 140 ibs.

One day, she saw her best friend and husband were dating and kissing in the car. She thought, she has a loving husband, and he wouldn`t mind her body shape. At last, he wanted to divorce with Katherine and fight for child custody. 

“I lost my child because I can`t get a job and don`t have income.

 I have lost EVERYTHING because of my BODY SHAPE” - Katherine

She decided to lose weight and tried EVERYTHING over the years.  But, NOTHING WORKED and all ended up with gaining more weight.

The Obesity Savior

One day, her fans, Sally saw her and was shocked because of her big body shape. She shared her lost weight story with Katherine. Sally introduced her husband, Dr. Shiro to her. 

“Sally lost weight by just applying cream daily.  "  - Katherine

Dr. Shiro is a medical scientist who specializes in traditional Japanese medicine. After a thorough counselling session with Katherine, he showed her a bottle of cream, the product of 3 years of research by his team of Japanese medical experts.

This specially-formulated cream contains extract of green tea leaves, known as "Camellia Sinensis". It help inhibit an enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. When enzyme is inhibited, the amount of fat-burning hormones increases, promoting fat breakdown

"The success rate with all volunteers including my wife, is incredibly high."   

"I`m confident this cream will be able to help Katherine." 

"You just need to apply and massage at the desired area for 15 minutes for daily." - Dr. Shiro   

The Miracle

“Dr. Shiro handed me this cream and said it will help. Though I was skeptical, I strapped it on as gesture for his kindness.”

“I was unconvinced from the start, but when I saw the result of Sally, I decided to give it a try. So on that day onward, I apply and massage at arm, legs, hip, and waist after shower." 

"In week 1 , I felt mild heating sensation from my skin.”

"In week 2 , I started to get used to the cream. I have lost 10 ibs.”

At the end of the month, I have lost 30 ibs. It`s really amazing!” 

“Finally, I have lost 110 ibs without changing my lifestyle and eating habits after 1 year. 


 new lease of life

Within a month, Katherine pass the interview of model and joined the runway in Paris Fashion Show. 

Her ex-husband returned and regret to divorced with her. But, she refuse to get back with him. Finally, she won back her children.

"I know I make the right choice." - Katherine

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"I'm so grateful that our hard work is able to help people around the world who faced a similar situation like Katherine." - Dr. Shiro

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