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Comfortable, Supportive Cushion

Most chair cushions do a mediocre job at supporting your backside. But they usually are bulky, get too hot, and have a hole cut out in the cushion to accommodate your tail bone. Now you can sit all day, even on the hardest chair, and still feel comfortable, with this easy carry Spinal Alignment Cushion! Soothe the back pain for sitting whole day at the office, the dinner could be more enjoyable, and painful car rides is a thing of the past!

How This Cushion Work?

Spinal Alignment Cushion is made of ultra-flex polymer in a unique construction. It is constructed to absorb the pressure points by collapsing in on itself, allowing proper air circulation and support your spine like never before! That is how amazing its cushioning effect. It is perfect for use in home, office or car, even when you are travelling

Say Goodbye To Achy Muscles & Stiff Back

This durable cushion retains the shape and it is breathable allowing for maximum comfort throughout the day. It is designed to alleviate these pressure points in a strong and flexible shape that will feel like you're floating on cloud! So forget about foams that compress down into a solid lump that becomes misshapen and dense, say goodbye to springs that lose their bounce and won't give you even, consistent support. 

Posture Correction

Assists in correcting posture while reducing pressure on pelvic area.

Cooling Effect

The grid allows air to circulate through the cushion so it stays cool to the touch.

Unique Curve 

Provide optimal lumbar support and comfort.

Strong & Durable

Retains its shape, making it a great back pain seat and orthopedic seat.

Spinal Alignment Cushion


Set of 1Set of 3 (Super Saver)
Spinal Alignment CushionSpinal Alignment CushionSpinal Alignment CushionSpinal Alignment CushionSpinal Alignment CushionSpinal Alignment CushionSpinal Alignment Cushion

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what our customers say about Spinal Alignment Cushion

What our customers say about Spinal Alignment Cushion

"Aging is not lost youth 

but a new stage of opportunity and strength!"

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  • Breathable

  • Cooling Effect

  • Posture Correction